Classic Video Game Songs Get Lyrics

Aspiring musician and YouTube star Fredde Gredde might not have the most pure talent we’ve ever seen (nothing some good audio software couldn’t fix), Freddie25 has a way with melody and creating medleys of niche-y topics. This time around he’s created a medley of classic video game music, complete with homemade lyrics.

We’ve seen Japanese adaptations of the Super Mario Bros. theme and we’ve even seen how Michael Jackson pretty much wrote the music for Sonic the Hedgehog 3, but there’s something refreshing about a musician doing his own thing, adding lyrics to well-known and well-regarded scores and even dropping the word “nigga” despite his overly apparent whiteness.

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  1. Some of the lyrics are stolen from brentalfloss

  2. It’s not stealing when he’s giving credit to the person he got it from. If you looked closely (not very hard to see at all) he gives credit to anyone he used lyrics from.

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