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Can You See If Someone Checks Your Location On An iPhone?

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Unless you are a tech wizard, there is no way to determine who checked your location on your iPhone.  Nobody wants their mobile devices to be monitored, especially not without their knowledge. That is why restrictions have been put in place to protect the typical customer from an invasion of cell phone privacy. However, how can someone track your phone?  ...

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App pitch: coffeehouse commons

Coffee isn't only a stimulant, but also a social glue and fuel for creative lives. A proposed mobile app would allow caffeinated bloggers, writers, artists, and designers to share their coffeehouse-generated work in real-time.

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In Wake of Facebook Places Launch, Foursquare Has Record Number of Signups

While the talks heat up about the future of Foursquare in the wake of Facebook Places’ choppy launch, Foursquare CEO Dennis Crowley tweeted that yesterday set a new company record in terms of new user signups. While this can largely be attributed to Foursquare’s newly found nook in the media following the launch of Places, it bears repeating that Facebook ...

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Driving Reporter Keeps Tabs on Your Driving Data

Whether your spying on your kids or just like keeping a recent record of where you’ve been, the Driving Reporter does the job. Tracking all activity for the most recent 100 hours, the Driver Reporter is a 16-channel GPS device that keeps tabs on all of your driving data, including where you’ve been and how long you were there. If ...

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Google Latitude Replacing Dodgeball?

The oft-troubled Dodgeball service is on its way out at Google but that won’t keep the company from innovating new products. Case in point: Latitude. Google Latitude is a new location-based social networking experience. You install a widget to your iGoogle page if you’re on a computer and mobile users can directly access the Latitude website. Users can see other ...

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NavJacket: The GPS Winter Coat

Here’s a back-to-school jacket worth getting excited about. The NavJacket from O’Neill is due out this winter and will feature more technology than you can shake a stick at. Designed for people who like to snowboard, ski or just hit the trails, the NavJacket features Gore-Tex material and integrated GPS that allows you to navigate a hillside. The left arm ...

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