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Pimp Your Bed With Under Frame Nightlight

Much how people add in LED lights underneath their cars body kits, the Blue Moon Night Light adds the same style of ambient glow into your bedroom. Equipped with 14 LEDs, the light system should bring you back to your teenage years, when most of your love making was done in your hot rod. The Blue Moon Night Light offers ...

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TwinMOS Mirror-Surfaced Slider USB Drive

Even the best of us have some legendary lapses of memory, including forgetting where we put the cap to our USB flash drive. The TwinMOS Mobile Disk P1 solves this problem by not even including a cap, instead opting for a sliding mechanism. The device by TwinMOS also has a slick mirrored surface and 6 multicolored LED lights which glow ...

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DIY: Wii Classic Controller LED hack

The Wiimote sensor controller might be the more fun of the two, but sometimes, you’ve just gotta whip out the classic. It has to be done. So why not add a coolness factor to the classic controller as well? This DIY will allow you to add LED lights around the sticks of the controller. Some simple hardware manipulation is required. ...

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Chip-like Binary Watch

There are 10 different types of people in this world. Those who can read binary and those who can’t. You better be one of the people able to read binary if you want to be able to use this watch, or to understand the fantastic joke from the first two sentences. For someone like me, who is not fluent in ...

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9V Battery LED Flashlight

We feel bad for 9V batteries. They never get the recognition they fully deserve. What do people think guitar effect pedals run on? And even smoke alarms?! If you answered 9V, you are correct. The Pak-Lite 9V White LED Flashlight makes the 9V itself the center of attention. Just place the light cap on top of the battery and ta-da, ...

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Slippers that let you see in the dark

We’ve all been there. Walking to the bathroom in the pitch black, fumbling for the wall to prevent a spill. Why walk around aimlessly in the dark at 3 in the morning, while the cockroaches and mice laugh at you? Spare yourself the humiliation and grab a pair of these lighted slippers. A light sensor signals the LED lights to ...

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