DIY: Wii Classic Controller LED hack


The Wiimote sensor controller might be the more fun of the two, but sometimes, you’ve just gotta whip out the classic. It has to be done. So why not add a coolness factor to the classic controller as well? This DIY will allow you to add LED lights around the sticks of the controller. Some simple hardware manipulation is required.

All you’ll need is the controller, a triwing screwdriver, wire scissors, two 3mm LEDs in your choice of color (the blue looks pretty cool), a soldering iron and solder, a glue gun, and a solid core wire. The directions look pretty straight forward with the aide of the diagrams the site has, marking the step by step instructions. Happy hacking! — Andrew Dobrow


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  1. they should make a wii classic controller which have motion sensored on the wii

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