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Zune Hack: Extend the size of your Zune antenna

Interestingly enough, the number of Zune mods, hacks, and accessories has been substantially lower then the tech community originally would of thought. This Zune mod lets you extend your Zune antenna. By “extend”, the modder really adds some surface area to the antennas transmitter. How much stronger will this make your Zune’s signal? We can’t say, but guesses are that ...

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Rumor: Ninja Team possibly hacked Wii to play backups

Ever heard of the Ninja Team? If not, here’s a quick briefing, they are the subjects of quite a rumor floating around about the Wii and the ability to play “backup” games. There are claims that they have been able to develop a 5-point soldered ship that lets you play the games that you backed up because you knew they ...

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Where are your Xbox 360’s clothes?

What hacking mods have you made to your Xbox 360 lately? No, replacing your faceplate doesn’t count. You probably hanve’t been doing too much moding if Microsoft has had anything to say about it. While hacking the 360 is far more complicated than the Xbox, you can try this on for size. It’s a transparent case for your 360, and ...

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Guitar Hero II custom songs now possible

So you’ve heard of Guitar Hero and its recent release of its second iteration on the PS2. If not, just think of Dance Dance Revolution (DRR), and Guitar Hero is DDR for rockers. So while the release of Guitar Hero 2 isn’t news anymore, the ability to do custom songs definately is. The people at the Scorehero forums have figured ...

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Wiimote and a 3D game on OS X? Oh yes.

We’ve seen the Wiimote hacked to PCs and more recently on Macs, but this just made us smile. A programmer managed to use the Torque Game Engine along with a Wiimote and IR Sensor Bar to play this 3D game on OS X. But he should be wearing that Wiimote strap. Watch the video after the jump.

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