Zune Hack: Extend the size of your Zune antenna

zune mod

Interestingly enough, the number of Zune mods, hacks, and accessories has been substantially lower then the tech community originally would of thought. This Zune mod lets you extend your Zune antenna.

By “extend”, the modder really adds some surface area to the antennas transmitter. How much stronger will this make your Zune’s signal? We can’t say, but guesses are that it’s not as substantial as Zune users would like.

Sure, the iPod might not have radio or person to person song sharing. But how much good does P2P sharing do when there are so few people in your town who actually OWN a Zune? — Andrew Dobrow

Zune antenna extension [ZuneMods, via Hack A Day]

**As of 2AM, Feb 9, ZuneMods seems to be temporarily down. It’s not you…it’s them.

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