Guitar Hero II custom songs now possible

guitar hero 2So you’ve heard of Guitar Hero and its recent release of its second iteration on the PS2. If not, just think of Dance Dance Revolution (DRR), and Guitar Hero is DDR for rockers. So while the release of Guitar Hero 2 isn’t news anymore, the ability to do custom songs definately is. The people at the Scorehero forums have figured out how to go around the system and code their own note charts and import mp3s to play along to. Think you wanna try? Look at this:

Step 4. Get an .mp3 of the song in question. If one is freely available, it may have been provided by the song creator, if not you will need to rip it from the CD or buy it from Itunes.

Step 5. Insert your GH2 disc into your DVD drive, copy the contents of the disc to a folder on your hard drive.

Step 6. Open Guitar Hero Explorer (Ghex), Go to file —> add archive and locate your MAIN_0.ARK file which is in the “GEN” folder you copied from the GH2 disc

If that looks exciting to you, go ahead. The prospect of playing Metalica and Bullet For My Valentine makes just about any metalhead wish they knew how to attack the technical knowhow required to get through the 8 programs and 12 steps to do your custom importing of data. Soooo, is it legal? Doesn’t look like it, you need a “modified” PS2 to play these “backups”. Video after the jump.

Nik Gomez

Totally metal hack allows custom Guitar Hero II songs [Destructoid]

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  1. How do u get Guitar Hero Explorer (Ghex)??

  2. the only folders I get from the disk are video/audio TS.
    i am using vista… please help me…

  3. yah where do u get guitar hero explorer becouse i jsut a video on how to put songs on and it says i need guiat hero exploerer to do it so where do u get it huh

  4. ya duz any1 here no how 2 get ghex??? i really need 2 no!!!

  5. Yeah i cant find ghex anywhere can someone help me find it or email me the file to lotrguy007 at yahoo?

  6. same here, only at irish 661 at

  7. use torrent to locate guitar hero explorer. thats where i got mine. and does anyone know where i can see that video on how to put songs on..

  8. i think hes talking about typin in but its under construction right now so πŸ™ but hopefully it will work to get the program

  9. Unless u r talking about a totally different torrent idk ^^ havnt looked into it that much sorry guys hopfully we can find a place to download if so post 1 here thanks all

  10. ROFL, “wtf is torrent” *dies of laughter*

  11. ok.. can u use bittorrent.. and what file do u need to open the songs to play the video? because mine wont open..

  12. How do i get Ghex? If you can help me that would be cool caus i need to downlaod it.

  13. does anyone no when torrents is open again? you need it 2 get ghex

  14. How do you get the Guitar Hero Explorer

  15. A torrent is like a helper you need to find one and search for the (GHEX) file for gutair hero 2 or 1.

    ^_^ xblade12100

  16. You could get GHEX at but to dosn’t let you downlaod GHEX anymore for some resaon I was to mad to read it

  17. can anybody e-mail GHex…please i need it really badly

  18. you cant get GHEx anymore, unless someone else has found a way, too many people have used it and talked about it. so the person who had it, pulled it from the internet.
    SOOOOO if anyone DOES find it, let me know..

  19. holy piss i need GEX too. where in the flyin fuck can i find it?

  20. if you need it ill email it to you

  21. I would really love to have ghex, so if anyone has it could they email it to me. It would mean a lot.

  22. You can email it to me at [email protected].

  23. Yes! If someone has it please e-mail it to me too!!! Email is [email protected]. (Will pay)

  24. Please send me Ghex too… Email me [email protected]. Thanks

  25. If you email me GHex i will send you audacity, one of the things you will need if you want to custom make songs on Guitar Hero.

  26. hey ‘No one Knows’ could you pleeeeeeeez send Ghex to my email too? I would really appreciate it. [email protected]. thnx a lot.

  27. Can somebody please send me Ghex?
    Send to [email protected]

  28. will you please send GHEX to [email protected] sothat i can,to put custum music on my guitar hero to thank you!!!!

  29. ‘No one knows’. I am really sorry to bother you. I would really appreciate it if you would email me GHex. I love this game but I want to have some of my own songs on there. My email is: mailto:[email protected].

    Thank you so much!!!!!!.

  30. ‘No one knows’ if u could email me GHex that would great and id really appreciate it. [email protected] thanx

  31. need ghex badly if a site is found send me an email, oor better yet just send me the files at [email protected] thx

  32. No one knows, I would really appreciate it if you could email me GHex, and it would be really cool. If you send it to me i could email you audacity if you dont already have it. Thanks a lot!!!!!!
    Email: [email protected]

  33. here is the g-h explorer to do custom songs. works great,

  34. Please send me GHEX i need it PLEASE


  36. Awesome!
    Thanks a whole lot No One Knows!
    Now the only problem is I’m having a hard time find songs and all the files to correctly swap out the old songs…

  37. Hey ‘No one Knows’, i need Ghex really bad, im sick of the gay songs on GHII i need to put my own songs on there, if you could email me GHex i would really be thank ful, i’ll pay you if you want!
    thank you

  38. oh and i forgot to give you my email, its [email protected]
    send the Ghex program to me, thats a whole bunch ‘no one knows’

  39. No One Knows can u send me the GHEX too? please?
    send it too [email protected] please.

  40. please send me ghex. at [email protected]

  41. hey NO ONE NOs can u send me ghex at [email protected]

  42. No One Knows can u send me an email to [email protected], thx

  43. Can you please send me GHEX as well please. I’m gagging to start customising some tunes. [email protected]

    Thanks in advance

  44. hey its at . it works great too. get your parents to help also. thats where i got mine.

  45. Send me GEX too please.
    I really want it.
    [email protected]

  46. Woops. Sorry. Ghex*


  47. someone please send me GHEX I need it terribly… if you do thank you
    EMAIL: [email protected]

  48. HEY no ones nos could you e-mail me ghex at [email protected] i could really use it i mastered all the songs on guitat hero2

  49. Anyone get a response from “No one knows”?

    If they did, could they email it to me please? [email protected]

    greatly appreciate it

  50. Yeah, what everyone else says. Need GHEx. Email to me at [email protected]

  51. Please. I need ghex and guitar ehro explorer. Please help. Thank you very much.

    email – [email protected]

  52. yup i need pls email it
    [email protected] (pls dont ask i made it when i was 4)


  53. yea any onje who has or gets GHEX please send it to me
    [email protected]


    just do the free download and enter the code and its yours.

  55. could some one email me GHEX? Much appreciated loveys…..
    [email protected]

  56. if someone can send me ghex please do [email protected]

  57. can someone please send me the ghex program….please….thank you!!
    [email protected]

  58. can any1 send me ghex please?

  59. please send me the GHEX if any body finds it i saw the guy took it off score hero and i was pissed thanks

  60. send me guitar hero explorer

    [email protected]

  61. hey someone plz email ghex to me plz my email is [email protected]

  62. I’ve looked everywhere for Ghex, but can’t find it. If someone would please email it to me, that would be great!!


  63. Opps. My email is [email protected]

  64. Sorry. Forget that last post. I just found out that email got deleted. My new one is [email protected]

  65. “No one Knows” or anyother can send ghex to me at [email protected]. Thank you very much!!

  66. some one please email me Guitar hero explorer im desperate whoever does i will be very happy and thank the person who emailed it to me PLAESE EMAIL TO ME GHEX PLEASE my email is [email protected]

  67. will someone please send me ghex i cant find it on internet tyvm my email is [email protected] ty

  68. hahaha i knw where to download guitar hero explorer i did it today

  69. Hey I would really love to get GHex for my computer my email is [email protected]
    Plz send to me.


    [email protected]

  71. Man you all need to lean how to scour the internet. If you can’t even find the tool chances are you won’t even be able to use it if you did find it.

  72. guys just go to and click download torrent. that way “No One Knows” can have his/her life back and stop e-mailing everyone. unless you are some kind of online predator in that case keep giving out your e-mail addresses then.

  73. badtootherottingbone

    apperently some idiots kept spreading the word so the creater pulled it off so its no longer availible is u havent already downloaded it.

  74. This is way too hard to figure out.

  75. can someone anyone send me ghex e-mail me the files [email protected]

  76. can u email me guitar hero explorer plzzzzzzzzzzz my email is [email protected]

  77. is this possible to do on a macintosh

  78. y dont u just reply on how to get ghex on this so we dont ask how to get it?

  79. could someone please send me GHEX. my email is [email protected]

  80. hey any one can you send me ghex [email protected]

  81. hey can somebody plz send me the list of song files to use with ghex? at [email protected]

  82. Hey would someone mind sending me GHEX as well thanks a lot [email protected]

  83. go to youtube and type in how to get songs on guitar hero..
    and the first video…
    he tells you how to get ghex..

  84. can someone email to me? [email protected]

  85. hey and of course me too e-mail it to me at [email protected]

  86. hey, send it to me too please, [email protected]

  87. can someone please email it to me as well? [email protected]

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    can someone please send me the ghex file also much apprieciated

  90. how do i open the torrent once i have it downloaded?…..i dont have a program that will open it

  91. Can someone plz e-mail me GHEX im going crazy i cant find at all i would really appreciate it thanks [email protected]

  92. hey, one of the million people that just requested the ghex program..
    if you get it and for some odd reason check this site again
    coulda send it to me too please? =]
    [email protected]

  93. wtf is a modded ps2 and how do i get one?

  94. I’ve downloaded Ghex like 5 times, and everytime i try to open it it say “initialization failed” so wtf is going on. Ive modded my ps2 just to do custom songsd and now i cant find this damn program,at least not a copy that works. can one of you guys that makes it sound so easy to find JUST supply a working link? help out the rest of us…and the version from piratesbay torrent w/e doesnt work, it does the failed to initialize thing when you try to open ghex. this is gay.

  95. i really need ghex. email it to me at [email protected]

  96. I got ghex but dont know how make mid files from mp3s

  97. omg r u guys retrted u need a modded ps2 or swap magic to do it cause u use burned disc and ps2 dont play burned shit so get swap magic its easier only $20.00 dont mod and i knw where guitar hero explorer is and i might help u out just email me asking

    [email protected]

  98. How’d you convert music files to get mid files?

  99. I mean what program did you use?i already have swap disc

  100. YEAH THAT WAS EASY TO GET… everybody just read all of these and eventually you’ll get it lol

  101. hey brandon could you help me out with getting ghex, i’m in need of it and i’m havin a hard time finding it…if u want to send it to me my e-mail is [email protected] thanks

  102. does anyone kno where to get mid files?of what software to use to convert mp3’s to mid?

  103. I’m pretty sure you can use a program called ANVIL. All programs needed will be on the website Sign up for it to get the programs you need. They have links for songs that have already been created and show you how to do everything step by step. I am going about all of this a different way. I do not want to mod my PS2 since i have a harddrive in mine. So, i needed a program called WINHIIP and believe you me, that program was a pain in the ass to get.

  104. some 1 plz email ghex to me thx!!!!! [email protected]

  105. please email me ghex at

    [email protected]

  106. Alright imma try anvil then n see if i can use that

  107. I’m feeling generous. Who else needs GHEX? I’m only going to be on for a little bit so hit me up.

  108. i really need GHEX can sumone e-mail me it

  109. i need GHex i cant find it and i have all the other stuff send it to [email protected] please

  110. I NEED GHEX. TFGuirarist help me out. E-mail is [email protected]

  111. if you want it go to

    then use a torrent program such as utorrent to convert it from a torrent to a file you can use… it worked fine with me so it should for you

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    [email protected]

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    THNX, only if u can tho

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  127. Hey no one knows or whoever else has it can you email it to me at [email protected]
    i will love you forever

  128. Hey everyone if you need ghex go here it should still be working but you better get it soon – – this is a torrent so your gonna have to get a torrent client i recommend utorrent its free u can get it here – – Enjoy!

  129. what custom songs can u get for guitar hero 2

  130. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!this all the stuff u need 2 do this, and the links to downloadthem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Tools Needed (All programs are freeware) Use “paddy” without the quotes if the .rar asks for a password.

    Guitar Hero Explorer:
    GHero Utils:
    Anvil Studio:
    CD-DVD Generator:
    DVD Decrypter/Nero/Alcohol/Any other ISO burning software.
    Swap Magic/Mod Chip/Method of booting burns on your PS2 (If you don’t have one, don’t ask, you wont be getting any help)
    A DVD Burner
    Good quality media to burn to. This is REALLY REALLY REALLY important. If your eventual burn does not work, this is the number one reason why. I recommend Taiyo Yuden, Sony and Verbatim or Check:

  131. Im having no luck getting a working version of ghex. If anyone could send it too me I would really appreciate it.

  132. It left out my email its [email protected] thanks

  133. Yo If U Get The GHEX Email It Me At [email protected]

  134. Hey No One Knows can you send me ghex at [email protected]. I’d really appreciate it.

  135. hey dose ne 1 heed GHex still ill e-mail it to them if they do …….but culd some1 send me midi files tht will ACTUALLY FUCKING WORK …(im looking for duality by slipknot .mid file culd some 1 plz send it to me if they hav it ??) [email protected] thx

  136. Can someone please email me ghex or tell me how to get it? maybe you “know one knows” I would really appreciate it. I need custom songs

  137. e-mail me Ghex plzzzz im beggin u plzzzzzz [email protected]

  138. yeah i have ghex but im kinda cofused about how to put songs on it. so if any one nos how to put custom songs on plzzzz let me no my e mail is [email protected]

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  143. I wanna be a guitar hero

    Someone please email me GHEX! I need also Guitar hero utils version 0.5-b1 because I can’t download it from the scorehero forums cause there is some serious bug. If you know or have something that could help me send me email to this adress: [email protected].I would really appreciate it. And revaew this could help you

    you can get ghex there just paste it in you address bar. if you use this link and make or download cool custom songs please send me copies. we want lots of cool custom songs for our contest so no one knows whats coming
    email at [email protected]
    or [email protected]

  145. hey, does anyone have a GHEX they can send to me by email? it would be much appreciated if you could send me one!
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    Hey No one Knows can you please send me GHEX. I would really appreciate it! My email address is [email protected]

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  148. Hey You guys if you want guitar hero explorer my email address is [email protected] or you can download it from

    Sorry, for some reason everytime I go to megaupload it turns korean but it still works. All you have to do is type in the code… wait 45 seconds. then click download and it works!

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  150. everyone who needs ghex email me at [email protected]

  151. hi an you email me ghex cuz i cant find it anywhere
    thank you

  152. sorry i forgot to put my email
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    thank you

  153. ou can get ghex from

  154. how do i mod myps2 to lay gh2 custom songs….some1 help me

  155. well u need a crystal chip installed into your ps2 to play burned disks

  156. hey i got ghex, but where can i get the custom songs for the game…

  157. Hey can someone email me ghex i cant ever find it my email is [email protected]

  158. Guys i need ghex if someone can email it to me i will be so happy!!! plz some1 email it [email protected]

  159. Ghex is back on the internet hooray i just got it last night…… it is complicated…….. type in ghex on googleand search for it that is how i did it……………:) :):) πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  160. go to this link to download the GHex (Guitar Hero Explorer)

    P.S. the dowload button is at the bottom of that post. so just scroll down until you get to the end of that post not the end of the page and you should see the download link its in blue letters that says: download

  161. DVD drive? is that different from a regular disc drive cuz thats all I have and when i put guitar hero in my computer, nothing happens. and its an xbox 360 game if that makes any difference

  162. oo i need a modded xbox too? thats such a pain in the ass. if anybody could tell me everything i need and where to get it and how expensive it is.. wow it would be much appreciated

  163. In order to play custom guitar hero 2 songs you need a modded ps2. You also will need a dvd reader/writer in your pc and also the ghex program along with some others. There are tutorials located all around the net.

  164. alrite thanks…one more question tho
    is it possible to mod my ps2 myself or do i have to bring it somewhere. how much would it cost?


  166. sorry if this was already answered. There a programs out there like “bittorrent” and others. They are like P2P programs(limewire, sharebear ect.) but at the same time different. It lets you download from thousands of files but it downloads in a different way. Not P2P(person to person). So to make a long story short. download bittorrent from “” and search up the program. Oh yeah and im 13 years old. =)

  167. ur just beggin for an ass-raping arnt u

  168. Why don’t you guys just go to any bit torrent website, search for it, and download it? It really isn’t that hard people.

  169. Also for those wondering, you can play burned games with a program called Swap Magic. It costs about $30, and can be found all over the net.

  170. How do u get Guitar Hero Explorer or (Ghex)?

  171. can someone email Ghex to me at [email protected] thanks

  172. For a complete guide on how to create your own custom GH2 songs and install other ones already made check out

  173. Please help me!

    When i get to step 4 i get lost! Can somebody tellme the correct things i have to do??? plz. explain it to me, i cant figure it out!

    (PD:I’m spanish so my english i not soo good,)

  174. i have a 360 and just plugged my guitar into the USB on my CPU. it tried to download ghex then if that helps any1..

  175. No One Knows,

    I need it please. My email is [email protected].



    a_drax (xbox 360 live) look for me ^_^

  177. I have ghex but when i click import to import songs it wont show my song files. help me. email me on why at [email protected]

  178. I found it at you can download it there!!!!

  179. hey… is it possible to do this with out a modded ps2? if not.. why? and well, is there any other ways of doing it with out modding it? plz help me…

  180. I know how to make custom guitar hero 2 cds just add me on hotmail its [email protected] i will be glad to help you all out.

  181. SOMEONE PLEASE SEND ME FILES FOR GHEX PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I’M DESPERATE!!!!!!!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  182. does any one know how to put custom songs on xbox 360????????????????????

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  184. Ghex I’m pretty sure is at this sight

  185. can you please send me a Ghex please i neede so badly thanks!!! email me at [email protected]

  186. what do you mean by “modified” ps2?

  187. also, everyone go to reply 136. click on the first link. that’s where i got mine.
    or go here.

    scroll to the middle of the page, there’ll be a headline that says “and finally…how do i install ghex?” download the first link. then the second. and follow the directions at the top of this page.

  188. Can someone please send me the GHEX program or tell me how to get it cause these songs are getting way to easy and I need some new ones.

    Thanks Guys.

  189. Send Guex To me For The love of Sweet God so i can Play some METALLICA PLZZZZZZZZZZz he is my email [email protected] Thank you Thank You Thank You Thank You Very much!!!!

  190. will this work on GH3 too?

  191. ya how do u get that?

  192. yea can someone email ghex please!!!i can not find it anywhere….my email is [email protected]
    please someone please

  193. Keyblade Master 99

    No one Knows could you send me GHEX my email is [email protected]

  194. I would VERY much like to have GHEX as well. PLEASE send it to me at [email protected]

  195. ok i probably sound dumb but how do you mod a ps2? i really want to be able to play my own music.

  196. Can somebody please send me Ghex?
    Send to [email protected]

  197. ok here the people r gay they won’t let u get ghex any more any where ok but u can live without it but there are alternatives ok heres how google this ARK version 1.00 download it then download ARK 1.01 ok it does the same thing as GHEX

  198. that wasn’t helpful at all,

  199. reply #195 is the correct link i got Ghex now

  200. can some one e-mail a ghex for me at [email protected]

  201. damn its only for ps2???? lol why not xbox also???? juss cause of livemarket?? damn….. haha

  202. Please e-mail me GHEX at [email protected] . Thanks!!!

  203. man!!

    i have the GHex and i send it to the guy that sends me de GHero utils 4.0 man….
    [email protected]


  204. LulitoX e-mail me at [email protected] and we can talk

  205. email me at [email protected] so i can find out how to make my own songs.. plz

  206. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  207. ok i have everything possible for this i have ghex and i can make the music and vgs files but i need winhiip. everytime i try to download it it stops and takes me back to the main winhiip download screen (were i originally started) plz help

  208. u can get ghex from the scorehero forms peeps -_- lol…..

  209. If anyone has guitar hero explorer could you pleas email it to me i would really appreciate it thanks

  210. can someone email ghex please??
    [email protected]

  211. how do u get those songs on Gutiar Hero>?!
    please send me the directions to!

  212. to get ghex, go to n serch on der…

  213. can some1 email me ghex please
    [email protected]

  214. WTF WHERE ARE STPES 1 2 and 3!?

  215. omfg… use youtube…. there some nice people out there… maybe they can help with videos ^-^

    no really…there are vieos on youtube that tell u how to do everything

  216. if i do this will it erase all the other songs existing on my guitar hero 2 disc. and will this give my computer a virus????


  217. email me the answer. and steps 1-6 at [email protected] or ne1 else who nos how to do this..

  218. if you guys go to there is a full blown tutorial of hot to make custom gh games and the programs you need. just check it out and be sure to follow there forum rules. good luck guys… and if anyone knows a program to let you burn ps2 games and NOT need a modchip, wanna fill me in. im at [email protected]…and i kno these programs exist, i just cant seem to dl one that works. thanx, peace

  219. can u send me how to do it please e-mail me at [email protected]

  220. Does this wrk for the xbox 360 version

  221. how do u actually get guitar hero explorer program to make the songs after u get all the files from guitar hero 2 game

    plz write me back how to do it

  222. can some one send me Ghex…my email: [email protected]

  223. can some1 send me slipknot’s-before i forget song chart or mid file plz n thanx to my e-mail.!

  224. hey..can someone send me GHEX?my email is [email protected] thanks alot..=)

  225. first got to this website then scroll down the page to where it says this:

    And finally… How do I install ghex?

    1. Make sure you have .NET Framework 2.0 installed.
    2. Download and install ghex.

    then click on Download and install ghex easy as pie!!

  226. if any 1 wont me to send them a copy of the program installer add me and ask for it
    [email protected]

  227. EMAIL ME IF ANYONE KNOWS AT [email protected] PLEASE.

  228. Yes, please, someone email me Ghex at
    [email protected]

  229. How and where would I get a modded playstation..And how much will it cost or can I do it by myself?
    Someone PLEASE Help me!


  231. u guys r stupid just get it at

  232. when i pull up the guitar hero folder it only has audio/video. i have 360 and windows vista what do i do

  233. PM a mod at ScoreHero and tell them this:

    “Why is Shredder2 banned? Can you unban him, please?”

    Just tell them that. I’m banned for an unknown reason. They didn’t even tell me what I did

  234. Hey If You Guys Need Help I Just Got Done Burning My Second Custom.
    Hit Me up On MySpace

  235. u will need ghex from
    and if it only shows video and audio ts on ur computer there is something wrong with ur computer try restarting it
    and if u need chart or .mid files u can also get them from

  236. ROFL
    Most people here are VERY VERY DUMB!

    Stop asking, nobody is goign to send it, theres a search engine, google…ever heard of it????? great torrent site GOOGLE TORRENT IF U DONT KNOW WHT IT MEANS

    dont waste space….do some reasearch, and YES u DO need a modded PS2 otherwise it wont read ur “new” GHII

  237. go 2 you tube and type in guitar hero custom songs it should show you i am working on mine now

  238. hey wtf ok ps2 but what about xbox 360

    wtf do i do the same shit to get custom songs on my 360 guitar hero 2 sdisk or what??

    i need some one to talk to me and explian things to me correctly πŸ˜›


    email me to [email protected] i would really appreciate it πŸ™‚

  239. ok. i have a simple question and i dont know whats wrong.

    i have ghex, but when i right click on a song to import it wont let me. anybody know why. either leave a post saying how or email me [email protected]

    any help much appreciated. thanks

  240. please E-,mail me Ghex. I am getting a little desperate!

  241. can someone PLEASE send me guitar hero explorer (ghex). heres my email [email protected] ………… please!!!

  242. dudes.. type this in. go to google type in guitar hero explorer torrent. i suggest getting it from it the most seeders as of now.

    its also been said that you need to download the .net framework installer 2.0 to run ghex
    also says that you can get it if from m$

  243. lol i farted!

  244. damn learn how to use torrents people and i bet most of you dont have a modded ps2 or even realize that you need a modded ps2 to play a custom copy of guitar hero

  245. hey who ever can send me ghex plz do i really need it!!!
    [email protected]

    please i really !!!

  246. modded ps2 or xbox 360

  247. lol… how comp un-1337 are if you if you don’t know what a torrent is lol. Though I already have GHEX… just a quick search and I found it on: (this is took me like 2 SECONDS!!!) if you can’t do these simple things I don’t think you should even ATTEMPT to make a custom DVD or mod your PS2/PSTwo… especially PSTwo since you have to OPEN it and I doubt anyone on here asking how to get GHEX or what a torrent is is capable of doing that :(… As bdub said: “damn learn how to use torrents people and i bet most of you don’t have a modded ps2 or even realize that you need a modded ps2 to play a custom copy of guitar hero”… I TOTALLY AGREE! Though you can swap it without swapdiscs, you DO need either a flip-top (which requires opening your PS2 and voiding the warranty), a Slide Key (which I think if some of you tried this you would break your drives) timing and intelligence (once again… some lacking), and/or a PSTwo modded so that flip-top sensors are disabled (once again opening your PSTwo and voiding the warranty)… If you have none of these and are not planning to get them you are just WASTING YOUR TIME… oh yeah and you need an ORIGINAL HARMONIX/RED OCTANE GH2 disc…

    sorry… jk with the ripped… though I must admit if you are gonna do a custom mod you should have a complete basic knowledge of computers, good searching skills, and patience (as well as the equipment….). Me and my friend XHeroSonic are gonna be starting up an Anime/Gaming Pod-Cast and one of the first things I am gonna cover is GH2/3 customs… if you would like help with something (or GHEX… if you missed the link above >.

  248. –concatenating to my last post: (or GHEXοΏ½ if you missed the link above >.

  249. ummm yea if anyone has ghex can they please e-mail it to me… [email protected]

  250. email me ghex plz any 1 i need it [email protected]

  251. YO can some one email GHEX to me at [email protected]
    please and where do i get a modified PC

  252. hey ppz when i try to add an archive it only opens up to main it duzznt open up 2 main.0.ark can sumbody help me?

  253. could you please send me ghex, too? I would really appreciate it… My email is [email protected]

  254. Where could i download .mid file for the song in guitar hero 2 pls i really appreciate if u help me

  255. can somebody send me Guitar Hero Explorer please ?

    [email protected]

  256. wat is the difference in a mod ps2 and a reg ps2

    and where can ya buy a mod ps2??

  257. so please send me a explorer for gh2 too, please:
    [email protected]

  258. To get GHEX all you gotta do is search it in google and the one dealing with score has a free download.

    And Someone please tell me how to mod my ps2

    and i cannot figure out how to add songs to the gh2 disc

    [email protected]

  259. i need the chords thingy:)

  260. dudes plz hlp me find GHEX plzzzzzzzzz i need t and i cant find t anywhere email it to me [email protected]

  261. how do u get the chords thing

  262. when i put my gh2 disc in it says i have audio/video TS and those r my only files

  263. ok just so u know when you go to this website dont be asking stupid questions cause u will get blocked straightaway, just add all the applications at the top and then just read thru all the steps thats in this forum. u cant go wrong guys. good luck

  264. well how do you get to guitar hero explore.

  265. you get ghex at the pirate bay

  266. can anybody help, i have guitar hero explorer, and i have all the guitar hero 2 stuff copied into a file, but when i go 2 add the main_0,ark into guitar hero explorer all that shows up is the main.hdr can anybody tell me y this is?

  267. I can poop out more facts than that? and who talks about dance dance revolution when you were supposed to be talking about guitar hero??!?!?! You are a worthless turd licking chunk hole. Thats what yo momma is too

  268. you stink. and yo momma stinks you stink worse than my butthole

  269. Can somebody please send me Ghex?
    Send to [email protected]

  270. Ok so I have the GHex but its not letting me put music into it even though I have mp3. files.


  271. If someone has the music and charts for final fantasy’s “one winged angel” could you e-mail it to [email protected]

  272. ButterKnifeNinja

    Wow. This story’s still getting comments after this long. Anywho, I’m trying to find a certain note chart for the final fantasy 6 boss theme. The note chart was made by illumina or irrumina. You find his videos on youtube if you want to search him up.
    That’s his note chart that I’m looking for.
    I’ve contacting his scorehero account but got no response.
    If anyone has the chart or knows where to find it please email me at [email protected]

    Don’t be shy to email me even if this post to old.

  273. AH

    soem body send my ghexx
    [email protected]


  275. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    you give me the files on the cd of guitar hero2 or 1 and ill give you ghexx talk to me at [email protected] ill get back to you if you send me them

  276. nothing comes up when i put my disc in how do i get to it?

  277. the only information from ther disc that i get is audio ts and video ts

  278. ok….. YOU SUCK!!!!! YOU SUCK!!!! thats user name thing for this but its wat u r 2.
    you a worthless! I cant believe youve sucked so many people into this crap!!! Its so much easier to do! Ive put so many new songs on guitar hero by doing something else (Im not gonna tell u cuz yur probly gonna copy it being the piece of crap u are and then say it was yur idea. HA!

  279. what do you do after you put in the guitar hero 3 disk into the dvd rom disk drive?

  280. Ok, I’m on the (How to create custom guitar hero songs part 3- Creating the iso) of a site called but I have no clue where to get a CD DVD Generator…… PLZ HELP ME!!

  281. umm, newbies, try something easier first

  282. u can find “ghex” or Guitar Hero Explorer at!

  283. Someone told me it’s also possible for Xbox360 and the Wii, is that true?(please reply)

  284. Guys,I think you can get GHEX by watching and following the steps on the video.
    hope it helps! πŸ™‚

  285. I need GHEX TOO!!!

  286. And you need a modded xbox 360/Ps2?Wii to do all these things with the latest firmware hacks not to mention copping cds πŸ™‚ for you xbox 360 guys uses Verbatim DVD+R DL i find its the best trust me i know . Dont forget to set bookmark to DVD ROM πŸ˜‰ and Layer break to 1913760 i know it by heart already lol

    NOTE!!! according to law you can have one copy of your game if you have te original otherwise its stealing

  287. why do u need a moded this and moded that

  288. It’s pretty simple, guys, the author even says it in the post.

    “The people over at SCOREHERO blah blah blah.”

    Get GHex from SCOREHERO.COM.

    Quit begging and use your brain.

    Also, you need a modded PS2 because even if you can bypass the restrictions on the game itself, the PS2 still isn’t able to read the .chart files unless it’s been modded.

  289. too all those who still need ghex,, go to here

    then scroll down to the bottom of the first thread ok

  290. Jesus Smokes Pot

    Too many fuck-tards on here. If you don’t know what a torrent is, or if you can’t find these files… or even if you don’t know how to browse a cd… or even how to mod a PS2… you shouldn’t fucking be here in the first place because you are too fucking stupid to do this anyways. Go back to downloading your kiddy porn from the newsgroups and leave the geek stuff to the geeks…



  291. Seriously. all you people going “what the hell is a torrent” and “where can i get ghex”. If you dont even know the answers to those 2 questions, then you’ve no chance of completing the process needed to use custom tracks.
    Im not trying to be a dick, its just the truth.
    You need to go and gain some more knowledge about pc’s and software in general before you try this.

  292. Confused… Can we add custom songs to GH2 but on XBox 360 instead of PS2 ??

  293. haha i got all of it today

  294. I used to hate guitar hero (I play real guitar) but I tried it, and it’s fun. Oh, and people, never use torrent, I’ve seen countless porn pop-ups on there.

  295. you can get GHex at Scorehero when you sign up

  296. How do you Modify your PS2 to play the custom songs?

  297. Someone Email me GHEX, Im getting sick of the same damn songs.
    [email protected]
    This would be greatly appreciated

  298. bill the nacho man

    fuk this

  299. ok dumb asses download utorrent an go to

  300. for all ur ghex needs.. u can download any video here: see katrina halili & doctor hayden kho on how do they do it. πŸ˜‰

  301. just google search ghx to get the download πŸ˜€

  302. hey all i just found the ghex for u all
    here is the link have fun viva la hackers

  303. OK. Get Ghex from
    Now download it and press open. If you dont have bit torrent it will ask if you want to download it. Press yes
    When you have it it’ll be found were it is set to install ( You can modifie were it goes). Now It’s not going to happen this gh2 mod because when you copy over the contence it comes up say video and media, somet like that. So if the person who made this page can tell us how to get the full game from the CD then Great. But for now it’s not possible!!!!

  304. well, you don’t necessarily need to mod your ps2. you can just use swap magic and a slide card (fat ps2), magic keys (slim ps2), or a flip top (fat and slim models except SCPH9000X). i use magic keys.

  305. Do i have to mod my ps2?

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