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Yahoo! Mail announces unlimited storage: Is Flickr next?

As email becomes more important to people’s every day lives, email provider services are competing in the ever growing storage solution for archived messages and files. This morning, Yahoo! Mail vice president John Kremer posted a blog entry announcing the decision to allow Yahoo! users unlimited storage. Previously, Yahoo! Mail had a storage limit of 1 GB, less than half ...

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Google working on protecting your searches

Google is planning to integrate new privacy measures to protect information of their user’s search queries from linking to the person who made them. After the huge AOL search disaster, when millions of search queries were leaked, Google realizes that security measures have to be in place to allow users to search anonymously. Google believes they can vastly improve user ...

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Smitten surgeon leaves her number in a way the patient will never forget

This is almost as scary as waking up in a bath tub with one of your kidneys missing. Or I guess the most romantic idea ever depending on your point of view. Handsome and wealthy Kurt Fulson never expected to have his surgeon creatively flirt with him. After taking a spill snowboarding, Fulson needed to have surgery performed to reconstruct ...

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Laugh of the Day: Google In 1960, just a tad slower

HA! If we had to wait this long for a search result we’d be at the library a hell of a lot longer. In these modern times of 0.024 second search results, something like this shows us how far we’ve really come. Just remember to print your query clearly. Ha ha. Google’s hilarious. — Andrew Dobrow Google circa 1960 [fury.com]

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Sony’s next PSP to have 60GB hard drive?

Ohhhhh, man. Someone is definitely going to lose their job over this. It seems that whoever the presentation director of the Samsung N-Series (small and high storing units) presentation “accidentally” let the wrong PowerPoint slide pop-up on the wrong day and now the blogs have their engines revving with anticipation. What exactly does this mean for us? What it means ...

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