Google working on protecting your searches


Google is planning to integrate new privacy measures to protect information of their user’s search queries from linking to the person who made them. After the huge AOL search disaster, when millions of search queries were leaked, Google realizes that security measures have to be in place to allow users to search anonymously.

Google believes they can vastly improve user privacy by removing key identification information from their systems every 18-24 months, in accordance with new international privacy laws. This would allow ample time for authorities or law agencies to request search information on a user, but would also make the information more difficult to obtain from crackers and third-party agencies.

Google’s announcement marks the first time a major search engine has announced a definite amount of time they will store personal search information. Google says information is kept so that their optimized personal search results can become more intelligent to users needs, not for surveillance purposes. Google being the most popular search engine on the Internet means they were the highest pressured of the bunch to initiate new privacy measures. Others are sure to follow. — Andrew Dobrow


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