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Unevenly Distributed: What Gremlins Says About The 80s And Its Tech

Even before the viewer catches a glimpse his first Mogwai, Joe Dante's Gremlins establishes the link between the titular goblins and malfunctioning technology by way of Randy Peltzer and his many incompetent inventions. It's a film very much of its time, with many fascinating things to say about the way Reagan-era Americans looked at technology. It's also a movie that would be impossible to remake today, for one big reason: the smartphone is our Bathroom Buddy.

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Gizmo: The All-Purpose Bot

No this is not a list of helpful first aid gadgets, but rather an introduction to a robot named “Gizmo”. Designed by college graduate student Javier Rodriguez Molina, Gizmo could one day help collect and transmit real-time communications in real life emergency situations. While we’ve seen an over-abundance of life saving robots (and some not so life-saving), we’re not quite ...

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Choculator melts in your class, not in your hands

Don’t let its appearance deceive you. The Choculator is not edible, of course unless you eat plastic. In which case this could be your dessert after scarfing down the Tempura Phone Charm. Choculator looks scarily close to being an actual chocolate bar, except that most chocolate bars don’t have a display screen on them. Choculator comes packaged in a candy ...

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Subtitles to go with the Subtitle-Reading Glasses

It’s super hard for people with hearing problems to have any fun at movie theaters or the like without there being someone narrating the whole audio component of the film. The Subtitle-Reading Glasses aims to give access to subtitles even for movies with no subtitles on the screen. The gadget snaps onto the frame of glasses to display subtitles from ...

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Stationoli: The all stationary-in-one gadget

Stationary products are generally small and easy to lose. In fact, I have no idea where the hell my staple removers are right now. That’s right. Removers. Plural, bitches. Maybe if we had learned about something like the Stationoli earlier, we wouldn’t be in the pickle we are now, with many staples in need of removing. The Stationoli provides a ...

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Laugh of the Day: A 12-year-old’s sick obsession with vacuums

[ev type=”youtube” data=”ltQNlqo3vmQ”][/ev] The level of excitement 12-year-old Kyle Krichbaum gets from vacuums is simply disturbing. He’s had an obsession of them since he was born and now owns over 150 of them. There’s really no reason anybody should know so much about cleaning machines, which is why we bow down to him in humble envy of his fanatic gizmo-loving. ...

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