Gizmo: The All-Purpose Bot


No this is not a list of helpful first aid gadgets, but rather an introduction to a robot named “Gizmo”. Designed by college graduate student Javier Rodriguez Molina, Gizmo could one day help collect and transmit real-time communications in real life emergency situations.

While we’ve seen an over-abundance of life saving robots (and some not so life-saving), we’re not quite ready to kiss any of their asses yet. The original version of Gizmo was made to fit into areas that rescue workers couldn’t, rather it be an issue of girth or toxic waste, though Molina says that Gizmo is capable of almost anything. Molina comments on how he can see Gizmo in several varied jobs, such as security guard, archaeologist and even a spelunker (there are still spelunkers?). “People see Gizmo and immediately think of a new idea for what it can do.” Can he make me Mexican cuisine whenever I want? If so, consider him indispensable. — Andrew Dobrow�


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