Round Retro Radio Wave Dot LED Clock means no more time spent changing the clocks ahead


Coming to you from Japan is the Retro Dot LED clock. This snazzy looking gizmo comes in your choice of blue or green LED’s and is a minimalistic beauty. The clock display features circular LED’s rather than the traditional long slashes. If you take a look at it, the dots really make the difference in making this a unique clock.

Another feature that caught our eye is the clock’s ability to automatically sync time via radio broadcast signal waves. In light of day light savings time and the inconvenience of having to alter our schedule to change our clock times, we thought this might make a few people excited. Available for ¥6,300 ($54). — Andrew Dobrow

Link (translated from Japanese) [via]

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  1. where can i buy in malaysia?

  2. Murray Sullivan

    Where can I buy in USA?

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