Subtitles to go with the Subtitle-Reading Glasses


It’s super hard for people with hearing problems to have any fun at movie theaters or the like without there being someone narrating the whole audio component of the film. The Subtitle-Reading Glasses aims to give access to subtitles even for movies with no subtitles on the screen. The gadget snaps onto the frame of glasses to display subtitles from the device.

To get this gizmo to work, movie theaters would have subtitle “projectors” that would wirelessly sync subtitles with the playing movie to the people wearing the gadgets, with the theater taking care of any sync issues that might arise. A receptor in the glasses would then capture that signal and project the words onto a micro-screen built into the device. As for its user-friendliness. It couldn’t be easier. One button powers it on, and another powers it off. Simple as pie. Mmm, pie. — Andrew Dobrow

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