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Sony PSP’s lagging sales leads to ultimatum, changes on the rise

Sony is in quite a pickle. The sales of the PSP are lagging in a bad way with hardware shipments down 72%, and only 10,000 units in the U.S. With those facts in mind, it’s no surprise that retailers have begun to lost hope for Sony’s portable gaming console. Many have even offered Sony an ultimatum. Either lower the price ...

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iRiver X20 video player ups to 8GB now

  iRiver Japan announced the X20  multimedia player this afternoon. The X20 is reasonably small and light (98.5×49.0x14.8mm 71g), it spots a 2.2″ QVGA screen, stereo speaker and  micoSD slot.  The model will come in 2GB and 4GB, and to our excitement the company is also releasing a 8GB version that was not reported at CES.

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Sony’s next PSP to have 60GB hard drive?

Ohhhhh, man. Someone is definitely going to lose their job over this. It seems that whoever the presentation director of the Samsung N-Series (small and high storing units) presentation “accidentally” let the wrong PowerPoint slide pop-up on the wrong day and now the blogs have their engines revving with anticipation. What exactly does this mean for us? What it means ...

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