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Bus Stop Seesaw Bench Encourages Cooperation

Martin Nicolausson must’ve been bored out of his mind when he came up with the idea of a seesaw bench for a bus stop. Or perhaps he was just tired of standing there all by himself with no one to talk to. His goal: to get strangers to converse in public spaces. It encourages cooperation, requiring two people to work ...

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Pick Your Nose Party Cups

Need to pump some life into your next party event but you’re afraid the mustache handkerchief will have everyone thinking they’re Salvador Dali?� Not a problem. With these animal nose cups, you’ll have all of your drunk friends stumbling around your apartment making animal noises. You might have to worry about Dali coming back from the dead and showing up ...

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Sony Accepting Applications Playstation Home Beta

The main reason you bought a Playstation 3 was probably due to Killzone 2 or Playstation Home, Sony’s new online service that’s supposed to be something like Xbox Live meets Second Life. You and your friends can meet up with your avatars, talk, chat, shoot the shit and so on. Oh, and more importantly, you can play games together too. ...

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