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Festo AirJelly Swims Through The Air Like It’s The Ocean

When we saw the robot which revealed how sea creatures might first have set slithery fin on land, we never imagined that other aquatic life-form robots would surface which would amaze with such ease. And then we set eyes on the Festo AirJelly, modeled after the jelly fish, which floats through the air as if the atmosphere was as buoyant ...

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Discovery Venus Fly Trap Must Feed! OM NOM NOM

If I wanted a normal Venus Fly Trap, I’d go to my local florist. But normalcy is boring, so I’d pick one up from the Dicovery Store. Sure, it might not be a “real” plant, but can a real plant lure insects into its grasps, sense the fly’s motion, and then chomp down on the little guy, swallowing him (or ...

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Flying Solo: Jet Wing Gives You Wings

Unless you find yourself mutated from a radioactive leak or something, the odds of flying without the aid of technology is looking pretty slim for the human race. Using the Jet Wing is about as close as you can get to solo flight without the aid of physical mutation. Jet Wing is a personal flying apparatus which will keep you ...

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Sing your heart out with Decoy Roy

Do you love the song Freebird by Lynyrd Skynyrd when its live, like the CD version? Would you still like it if an animatronics bird were to sing it to you? Didnt think so. Well Decoy Roy, a singing duck, will sing that or (I Just want to) Fly by Sugar Ray for you with just the simple press of ...

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