Sing your heart out with Decoy Roy

decoy roy

Do you love the song “Freebird” by Lynyrd Skynyrd when it’s live, like the CD version? Would you still like it if an animatronics bird were to sing it to you? Didn’t think so. Well Decoy Roy, a singing duck, will sing that or “(I Just want to) Fly” by Sugar Ray for you with just the simple press of a red button. Just think of a Billy the Bass-like performance, except with a dancing duck instead of a flopping fish. Just think about the bragging you can do when you go to a friends house that has a Billy the Bass; “well I have a duck at home that sings a song that doesn’t get annoying the first time you play it.” Plus, who actually hangs fish up on their wall; ducks are much more common, so you won’t look like such a freak when you have a duck up on your wall. If you’re really lucky, your little friend Roy will even say some wisequacks (haha that’s funny) between great songs. If you must have the latest technology in singing and dancing animals, then you should fork out $29.95 for Decoy Roy to float your boat. — Nick Rice

Decoy Roy [via Gearlog]

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