Sing your heart out with Decoy Roy

decoy roy

Do you love the song �Freebird� by Lynyrd Skynyrd when it�s live, like the CD version? Would you still like it if an animatronics bird were to sing it to you? Didn�t think so. Well Decoy Roy, a singing duck, will sing that or �(I Just want to) Fly� by Sugar Ray for you with just the simple press of a red button. Just think of a Billy the Bass-like performance, except with a dancing duck instead of a flopping fish. Just think about the bragging you can do when you go to a friends house that has a Billy the Bass; �well I have a duck at home that sings a song that doesn�t get annoying the first time you play it.� Plus, who actually hangs fish up on their wall; ducks are much more common, so you won�t look like such a freak when you have a duck up on your wall. If you�re really lucky, your little friend Roy will even say some wisequacks (haha that�s funny) between great songs. If you must have the latest technology in singing and dancing animals, then you should fork out $29.95 for Decoy Roy to float your boat. — Nick Rice

Decoy Roy [via Gearlog]

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