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Retail Copy Of Chinese Democracy Leaks

The time has finally come – Dr. Pepper owes me a drink. Wait, what’s this? Vince is telling me that I’m not getting my Dr. Pepper until Chinese Democracy is actually released. This pirated copy you see before you doesn’t count. Man, that sucks! At least it’s got every every track from the album, so we won’t miss out on ...

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Shout At Your Monitor To Control The Cursor

When you can’t use a mouse because of too much Guitar Hero, don’t fret; alternative means of controlling your computer’s cursor are just over the horizon. The University of Washington is developing a vocally controlled mouse interface that’s completely hands free! Similar to speech recognition that aids in typing, the vocal joystick makes using a mouse as simple as humming ...

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The All New MySpace Music (Without The DRM)

Tonight, MySpace kicked off its new commercial free music service which doesn’t include any of that bullshit DRM business. Using its ever popular Flash player, users can purchase songs or add them to a playlist. It’s now possible to create a streaming playlist of as many as 100 songs each that can be shared and ranked. MySpace music will also ...

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Talent Show Kit Provides More Fuel For Family Snorefest

Family night in my home usually meant a pizza dinner and a board game, but I’m sure other families would have more extravagant festivities, which possibly included nudity and chanting to Satan. While my family was never much for rituals, it would have been nice to have something like the Talent Show Kit. It’s a karaoke machine, a mic, and ...

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Sing your heart out with Decoy Roy

Do you love the song Freebird by Lynyrd Skynyrd when its live, like the CD version? Would you still like it if an animatronics bird were to sing it to you? Didnt think so. Well Decoy Roy, a singing duck, will sing that or (I Just want to) Fly by Sugar Ray for you with just the simple press of ...

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