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Steampunk Lincoln is Not Impressed With Your Legislation

Steampunk animatron Abraham Lincoln is not amused. He just checked over some of your recent legislation and as you can see, he is not too happy. You will now feel the wrath of Steampunk Lincoln. Go, go jet power! Go, go ocular laser beams! If Steampunk Lincoln had a comic book, I’d be all over that shit. Link

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More Hacked Chuck E. Cheese Robots

Here’s a video I found on Astorians.com that shows a hacked/modified Rock-afire Band from Chuck E. Cheese singing an Usher song. It’s hilarious and is on par with the other Rock-afire video we found. Link (via)

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Sing your heart out with Decoy Roy

Do you love the song �Freebird� by Lynyrd Skynyrd when it�s live, like the CD version? Would you still like it if an animatronics bird were to sing it to you? Didn�t think so. Well Decoy Roy, a singing duck, will sing that or �(I Just want to) Fly� by Sugar Ray for you with just the simple press of ...

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