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Conference Bike is a ride for seven

[ev type=”youtube” data=”4cDDBM9gJts”][/ev] Not even your boss enjoys having a conference inside a dull office room when the weather is nice outside. If you know that your boss would much rather be doing something outdoors, you might want to suggest the Conference Bike, a bicycle that takes 7 people for a pleasant ride. This is also good for those who ...

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USB Hamster Wheel for the dieting rodent

Do you have a plump hamster? It’s time to get its fat ass out of the cage and onto the USB Hamster Wheel. The Wheel spins faster and faster depending on the speed you are typing. We don’t think it was made to be used with a real hamster, as it includes a fake stuffed rodent, but it can surely ...

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Motorola S9 Bluetooth Active Headphones brings your music to the gym

It is definately time for all headphones to be liberated of the wires they have been slaves to for so long. The new Motorola S9 Bluetooth Active Headphones are contributing their part to this wireless revolution and adding “active-wear” functionality in the process. People don’t just want to listen to music sitting at a desk or laying in bed. Why ...

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Surf all season long with uSurf

Out here in sunny Southern California, surfing is a way of life. Too bad that right now its winter, and the water is really cold for us (it�s probably between 50 and 60 degrees Fahrenheit), so many of us have to go withdrawals and not get in the water until April. Lucky for us, Brookstone heard our cries and so ...

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Lose your weight in an “interesting” way with My5 Power Plate

With New Years just around the corner, many of you are starting to look for ways to lose weight to fulfill that New Year�s resolution you�ve had for the past 10 years. With those 10 years of failing attempts, you�ve had many experiences with the gym and strange exercise machines. Well if you�re looking for a different approach to losing ...

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