Surf all season long with uSurf

brookstone osim usurf

Out here in sunny Southern California, surfing is a way of life. Too bad that right now its winter, and the water is really cold for us (itís probably between 50 and 60 degrees Fahrenheit), so many of us have to go withdrawals and not get in the water until April. Lucky for us, Brookstone heard our cries and so came out with the uSurf, a lifesaver for surfers. This is an exercise platform that imitates surfing so you stay fit all winter and so youíre ready it hit the real waves come spring, or whenever the water gets warm enough. It is like an indo board, which is basically a board and a cylinder that you have to balance on. This looks like a pretty sweet exercise machine that takes up almost no space and saves you a butt-load of money not having to buy a membership to a 24 ¬† Fitness. However, at $500, it probably wonít save you that much on a membership, but if youíre an avid surfer and really want this kind of practice, indulge yourself. Just donít complain when you get back in the water and you canít get up on the board. — Nick Rice

Brookstone OSIM uSurf  [via Sci Fi Tech]

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