Lose your weight in an “interesting” way with My5 Power Plate

my5 power plateWith New Years just around the corner, many of you are starting to look for ways to lose weight to fulfill that New Year�s resolution you�ve had for the past 10 years. With those 10 years of failing attempts, you�ve had many experiences with the gym and strange exercise machines. Well if you�re looking for a different approach to losing weight, you could always get yourself a My5 Power Plate. No, it�s not a plate that sucks the crap out of your food; it�s a machine that jiggles the weight off of you. That�s right. The My5 Power Plate is supposed to �advanced vibration technology� to trigger muscle contractions. While you stand on the power plate watching TV (or eating), the machine transmits waves of energy that make your muscles contract 35 times a second. If you really want to loose weight by jiggling, you might as well sit on your washing machine then dish out $4500 for the My5 Power Plate. If you end up buying this, make sure you choose the best color between silver, black, and white, because nothing is worse than a jiggle plate that doesn�t match the d ©cor of your house. — Nick Rice

My5 Power Plate [via Crave]

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