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Blockbuster Cozies Up To TiVo

Blockbuster is still the largest video rental store in the country but that’s not something to be proud of. People want content in their homes as soon as possible and driving to a store and renting a physical disc just doesn’t make the cut anymore. So, in an effort to save itself, Blockbuster has scrambled and partnered with dying DVR ...

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NFL Launches Game Rewind Service

If you’re a football fan with a broadband Internet connection, your weekend just got a whole lot better. The NFL has launched a service called “Game Rewind” that will retail for $19.99 for the season or $4.99 a week. The service lets you watch all the football games you can handle in HD quality with no commercials. Awesome, right? It ...

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TiVo Delivers Pizza While You Get Fatter and Wiser

Ordering pizza from the comfort of your couch while watching your favorite television shows on DVR is now a realization. That is, if you’ve got a TiVo. Now that Netflix has bailed TiVo out, TiVo is getting smart by offering its customers a crucial feature that’ll prevent them from leaving their seat: pizza. A new Domino’s widget is available for ...

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PS3 DVR Won’t Use DRM

Sony has introduced a DVR for the Playstation 3 costing about $140. It’s called the PlayTV and it hooks up between your PS3 and television and allows the console to record one channel while you watch another. You can even export videos to your PS3’s XMB menu in MPEG-2 video format, then watch it however you see fit. Could it ...

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The Camera You Can Roll Under Any Skirt

This might look like a miniature Death Star but, in actuality, it’s a top secret spy cam. The DVR CamBall is the first ever digital video camera and MP3 player that’s as small as a ping-pong ball and able to record at 320240 or 640480 resolutions. What better way to sneak a camera into top-secret facilities than to roll it ...

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Rejoice! TiVo Lifetime Subscriptions Make A Comeback

A few years ago, the phrase DVR meant TiVo. If you were recording TV shows, you were TiVoing. Times changed, TiVo panicked and the company stopped offering lifetime subscriptions. Ever since then, TiVo’s charisma has been flawed and the company has been offering extras to subscribers to placate them year after year. Thankfully, the company has realized the error of ...

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