Blockbuster Cozies Up To TiVo


Blockbuster is still the largest video rental store in the country but that’s not something to be proud of. People want content in their homes as soon as possible and driving to a store and renting a physical disc just doesn’t make the cut anymore. So, in an effort to save itself, Blockbuster has scrambled and partnered with dying DVR company TiVo.

While TiVo is in a much healthier state than Blockbuster, it only has 3.3 million subscribers, not a significant number. TiVo owners who have Blockbuster accounts will pay up to $4 to rent a movie, most with DVD-quality images. Customers will have 30 days to begin watching; once they do, they can view the video as much as they want for 24 hours. It will cost as much as $20 to buy a movie, but digital-rights software will prevent it from being copied to a DVD.

Essentially, Blockbuster is on its way out and wants to make one last stand. Remember the Alamo!


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