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MCE Tech. releases a Blu-ray burner for your Mac Pro

How badly have you Mac users wanted to have your very own Blu-ray burner? No matter, you can do it now. MCE Technologies has released a $699 Blu-ray Internal Recordable Drive so that you can use a disc instead of an external hard drive. One nice thing is that if you happen to want the Blu-ray burner but you think ...

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Roadbox records your driving, 20 seconds of it, that is

When you wake up from a coma 28 days after a car accident, it might be a little difficult to remember all the details for your insurance claim. Did the raging drunken teenager hit or did you hit the innocent high schooler? Those little details could really change the amount of insurance money you receive. That�s where the Roadbox Accident ...

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Fujitsu announces 300GB 2.5″ hard drive

With a capacity like this, that’s a crap load of pirated movies you could fit on this thing! The announcement of Fujitsu’s 300GB 2.5″ hard drive, notebook owners can soon have as much storage space as most desktops on the market. There’s no estimated price in the press release, but we are guessing it’s going to be something like $2000, ...

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