Roadbox records your driving, 20 seconds of it, that is

roadboxWhen you wake up from a coma 28 days after a car accident, it might be a little difficult to remember all the details for your insurance claim. Did the raging drunken teenager hit or did you hit the innocent high schooler? Those little details could really change the amount of insurance money you receive. That’s where the Roadbox Accident Recorder comes in.

This video camera is mounted near your rearview mirror, just like those cameras in the funny cop videos (this doesn’t allow you to drive like a cop now). The built-in speed and acceleration monitors determine when there has been an accident and store the 14 seconds prior to the “accident” and 6 seconds after. Now you have 20 seconds of video footage of the front of your car.   What happens if you got side-swiped or rear-ended? Well than your Roadbox investment was worthless. You could of course buy 4 of these for all sides of your car, but then you’d look like an over-cautious wuss, and that doesn’t help when you’re trying to improve your “geeky” image. This is a pretty cool idea, but if you saw that you were the one at fault on the tape, would you show the insurance agents? — Nick Rice

PLK to showcase driving recorder RoadBox [AVING USA, via OhGizmo!]

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