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Want A Killzone 2 Demo Code? Just Ask Sony

Apparently, a lot of people got pissed off about Sony’s little pay-to-play scheme that involved pre-ordering Killzone 2 in order to receive a code for the demo. Yes, the very same codes we gave out the other week. Sony is now trying to save face by offering up a “limited number of downloads” of the demo. The catch is, you’ll ...

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Reminder: Win Killzone 2 Beta Keys

Our contest is heating up! Looks like you guys really want to get in on the Killzone 2 action before everyone else. I applaud you for that. Here are some choice comments left by our dear readers so far: “I have a stupid name. You must see it at the frontline when the hell starts. Dont mind about halo. I ...

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Video: iTouchMidi 101

This is a video I recorded earlier today demonstrating iTouchMidi, a program we wrote about the other day. I demonstrate how it works and show you how you can use your iPod Touch or iPhone as a beatmaking device. Very cool stuff here. Be sure to check it out and leave comments on those sweet sunglasses I’m wearing. YouTube Link

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Toshiba struts its stuff with HD DVD-R drive in notebook

At CES this year Toshiba decided to follow the HD DVD trend with a laptop that is capable of burning HD DVDs. While the laptop was only a prototype, it is a great step for HD DVDs because it will quicken the transition from traditional DVDs to HD DVDs. As of right now everyone is keeping hush-hush about this drive, ...

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