Buy Battlefield 3, Get Early Access to Mass Effect 3 Demo

At midnight, thousands of gamers across the country finally got what they’d been wishing for — Battlefield 3 was released. Those who had preloaded on PC were already playing (on laggy servers) while console gamers were still standing in line at Gamestop.

You might not have known this (or maybe you did), but Battlefield 3 comes with an extra added bonus — you’ll get early access to the Mass Effect 3 multiplayer beta. Now, since this will be an open beta, early access might not be that much of a big deal. However, for Mass Effect fans that are worried about the inclusion of multiplayer, this early access has the ability to either confirm or banish their worst fears. At least we know it won’t be an army of FemShep robots.

Early access to the ME3 beta will take place sometime in January.


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