Reminder: Win Killzone 2 Beta Keys


Our contest is heating up! Looks like you guys really want to get in on the Killzone 2 action before everyone else. I applaud you for that. Here are some choice comments left by our dear readers so far:

“I have a stupid name. You must see it at the frontline when the hell starts. Dont mind about halo. I wont.”
“man,, i´┐Żll suck your dick for a killzone 2 code”
“Killzone will own every single shoother thats now out. Grafics Top . Mp is just awsome .the new way to play Multiplayer. Blood, gore evrithing is better than those Halo puppies.”

You all never cease to amaze me. Now get your ass over to the official page and enter already. I want to form a team when this fucking demo comes out and you better believe Team Gearfuse will be in full effect.

Like the shitty iPhone 3G picture I took above? Just a taste of what our winners will receive.

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  1. halo3 is the best i hope yall make a halo4 cause halo wars is gay it sucks halo3 is way better i think who ever made that game should get hit by a bus!!!!!!!!


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