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4 Martha Stewart Projects That Rock Our Socks Off


Whether you’re the crafty type of not, something has to be said for the tenacity with which Martha Stewart attacks just about every project she undertakes. Take a look at 4 Martha Stewart projects that rock our socks off. 1. Frankenstein Cupcakes Green ice cream cones with chocolate cake centers, Reese’s cup tops and a little decoration! 2. Dog Collar ...

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Felt-Crafted iPad: More Cushion for the Pushin’

Tired of the extended wait for an actual iPad, Jason Guest decided to take matters into his own hands and produce his own hackneyed version of the iPad… completely composed of felt. Arts and crafts are back in a huge way among the geek community and this addition to the crafters�arsenal�is a welcomed advancement in felt technology. In fact, it ...

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Create a Mini-Movie Theater With Your iPhone and a Shoebox

Most of us aren’t blessed enough to build our very own full-sized or even snack-sized movie theater in our home. But thankfully many of us have been able to pony up the dough for an iPhone. With a little imagination and some help from the wonders of arts and crafts (yes, I realize I sounds like Barney the Dinosaur here. ...

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World of Warcraft Hearth Stone Pillows

You know what they say: home is where the hearth is. Us WoW addicts take the game pretty seriously. Sometimes to the point that the border between fiction and reality starts to blur. For instance, when I’m forced to shop in the women’s clothing section with my girlfriend, I’ve actually tried to hearth my way home. Anything to get out ...

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Stephen Colbert Finger Puppet is Packed Full of Truthiness

I’m always making awkward Stephen Colbert references that nobody seems to “get.” They might go over at little better if they were delivered slightly different. Maybe if I make this Stephen Colbert finger puppet, I can have my finger do all the talking. A little finger puppet ventriloquist act. “Oh, yeah.� That was on Colbert last night, right?” EXACTLY. Thanks ...

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Batmole to the Rescue

Battling the calculating evil genius of his arch-nemesis, the Weasel, Batmole is the one true masked crusader of the underground. By day, he’s just a simple walnut mogul, with enough horded nuts to supply his vigilante habit. By night, he’s Batmole, the Dark Rodent! Link [via]

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DIY Steampunk Pumpkin

Hans Scharler created this awesome Steampunk Pumpkin using a bunch of spare parts from some of the most well known DIY providers. The pumpkin glows an eerie green color from inside when turned on in the dark, sort of like your mom. Hit the jump for the video making of the Steampunk Pumpkin.

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Real-Life Mario Piranha Plant Will Likely Eat Your Pets

Created by artist and avid gamer Kalapusa, this life-sized Piranha Plant illustrates what life might be like if we lived in a world closer to Mario’s world. Composed of a special mix of acrylics, clay and a strengthened wire skeleton, I wouldn’t get too close to this thing with any animals lighter than 50 lbs. It’s looking mighty hungry. This ...

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Giant Skull Of Kitchen Crap

Skulls fascinate us. Whether it be skulls made of paper to skulls made of melted cassette tapes, we can never seem to get enough. That’s why we dig Indian artist Subodh Gupta and his art, a lot of which involves recycling old pots and pans from the kitchen. For the Frieze art fair in London, he assembled a load of ...

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