4 Martha Stewart Projects That Rock Our Socks Off

Whether you’re the crafty type of not, something has to be said for the tenacity with which Martha Stewart attacks just about every project she undertakes. Take a look at 4 Martha Stewart projects that rock our socks off.

Frankenstein Cupcakes

1. Frankenstein Cupcakes

Green ice cream cones with chocolate cake centers, Reese’s cup tops and a little decoration!

Dog Collar Couture

2. Dog Collar Couture

Just add a silk flower to your dog’s favorite collar for a little designer doggie couture!

Beach Towel Tote Bag

3. Beach-Towel Tote Bag

Make a beach mat and tote bag out of a bath towel and always have something to dry your hands on!

4. Textured String Bracelets

A little string can go a long way!

Via Martha Stewart

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