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4 Martha Stewart Projects That Rock Our Socks Off


Whether you’re the crafty type of not, something has to be said for the tenacity with which Martha Stewart attacks just about every project she undertakes. Take a look at 4 Martha Stewart projects that rock our socks off. 1. Frankenstein Cupcakes Green ice cream cones with chocolate cake centers, Reese’s cup tops and a little decoration! 2. Dog Collar ...

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Lump of Coal Gift Box: What We Really Deserve

If Santa really has a Naughty and Nice list, let’s be honest, we’re all sort of screwed. Do you honestly know anyone who could fit under the definition of “nice” when naughty is also an option? Looks like Santa’s delivering lots of coal this season. But since Santa has allocated all gifting jobs to us, it’s sort of our responsibility ...

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