Create a Mini-Movie Theater With Your iPhone and a Shoebox

Most of us aren’t blessed enough to build our very own full-sized or even snack-sized movie theater in our home. But thankfully many of us have been able to pony up the dough for an iPhone. With a little imagination and some help from the wonders of arts and crafts (yes, I realize I sounds like Barney the Dinosaur here. Just bear with me.) you can create your very own mini-movie theater. It’s not fair to let them suffer just because you can’t have your very own theater.

Using nothing but an iPhone, a shoebox, a laser printer, a knife and a dab or two of liquid cement, you can create an iPhone movie theater in your very home. You really do spoil your action figures rotten, don’t you? Hit the jump for some video footage of what the theater looks like from the inside.

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