Dude Turns Basement into Full Movie Theater; Includes Concession Stand, Arcade Games


Why venture out to the movie theater if you can bring the theater right into the comfort of your own home. Ohio man and all-around American hero Randy Murray took $80,000 and spent 8 months transforming his basement into a complete movie theater.

To get the experience just right, Murray included a full-concession display, a claw machine, an arcade game, movie posters and oh, of course all of that sound and video equipment stuff. Hit the jump for more cinematastic pics and a full list of equipment.




Theater Equipment:

Atlantic Technology THX 270 Speakers
Denon AVR-4802 Receiver
JVC RS1 Projector
Lutron Grafik Eye Lighting Control
Niles Audio IR Distribution
Oppo DVD Player
Sony Blu-ray Player
Stewart Filmscreen Grayhawk 110-inch Microperf
SVS Powered Column Subwoofer
Universal Remote Control HTM 700
4X2 PRO Series HDMI Powered Switch


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