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Improve Your Home Theater Experience With Vibrating Chairs

Vibrating Chairs

$8 movie tickets plus concessions make movie going experiences expensive but now you can save up that money and make the ultimate home movie theater. Company Tremor FX, has created these vibrating home theater seats that are large and plush and are available as single or double seat units.

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5 Geeky But Awesome Home Theaters

Star Trek Home Theater

When it comes to fandom, building a home theater shrine is the ultimate dedication of fandom. The five home theaters below are the epitome of fandom but we're always interested in scoping out some more fan dedications so if you have any, send them our way!

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Stow Away Your Booty In A Pirate Themed Home Theater

I’m going to go ahead and guess that this Pirates Of The Caribbean Home Theater is wooden leg accessible. More inspired from the theme park ride then the actual movie, the wall of the theater displays 7 pieces of art themed after scenes from the Pirates ride. And much like the ride, the theater contains a lighting scheme that will ...

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