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Trying Out The New Xbox 360 Experience

I hope you’ve been preparing for the new Xbox experience because it’s going to change the way you play your 360. No doubt you’ve heard that Microsoft has completely revamped the dashboard, bringing with it a new design and avatars that give core players the casual feel of the Wii. Is this a good thing? It sure is according to ...

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Oh Shit! Intel’s First Six-core Processors Drop

Today, Intel launched its first ever six-core processor: the Xeon 7400. While the name might not be as complex as the name Sony is giving to their new line of laptops, it certainly should be. Everything about this processor is “no joke” as it is geared towards high-end computing, like those used by the scientists working on the Large Hadron ...

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New Sony VAIOs Make My Mouth Water

Sony has launched two new laptops that are so technologically advanced that even the tech-savvy Jerry Seinfeld has to get his hands on one. The VAIO VGN-CS180J/R and VGN-NR485E/L are their names and it just makes me wonder why computers can’t be named in the same manner that cars are. The Sony VAIO Panther would be much easier to bring ...

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Next-gen Intel Chips Get A Name Change

This time next year, when you’re buying Apple’s newly updated Macbook Pro or Mac Pro, you’ll likely see Intel’s latest line of CPUs in your machine. It’s called “Core” and the first CPU due out under the new moniker is the Intel Core i7 and i7 Extreme Edition. Not the most exciting thing, I know, but just think back to ...

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Intel makes first eighty core processor for Tera technology

For the emerging digital trend of the Terabyte, computer scientists are realizing that if there are going to be terabyte sized applications, theres a need for a processing chip that can handle that amount of information. The Intel R&D department have made a chip that has eighty, thats right, eighty processing cores. The chip can perform more then a trillion ...

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