New Sony VAIOs Make My Mouth Water

Sony has launched two new laptops that are so technologically advanced that even the tech-savvy Jerry Seinfeld has to get his hands on one. The VAIO VGN-CS180J/R and VGN-NR485E/L are their names and it just makes me wonder why computers can’t be named in the same manner that cars are. The Sony VAIO Panther would be much easier to bring up in a conversation than the mindfuck of a name that is the VGN-CS180J/R.

The one pictured above is the NS series. It’s packing a 2.0 Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo CPU, a 15.4″ display, 200GB hard drive and 4GB of memory all for around $600. Not bad.? There is also the CS series, where smaller means pricier seems to be the motto. The specs are about the same but this display is only 14.1″ and the price starts at around $920. Both laptops have an add-on feature for a Blu-ray, which increases the price to a little above a grand.? Also, no Sony VAIO would be complete without a slew of colors to choose from, just remember to choose based upon your gender and not your sexual orientation.? I don’t care what anyone says, pink is not the new black. Purple is.

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