Intel makes first eighty core processor for Tera technology


For the emerging digital trend of the Terabyte, computer scientists are realizing that if there are going to be terabyte sized applications, theres a need for a processing chip that can handle that amount of information.

The Intel R&D department have made a chip that has eighty, thats right, eighty processing cores. The chip can perform more then a trillion operations at once time. And we thought quad core processors were exciting?

The chip is the first to ever display Teraflop performance. Enough processing speed and power to control terabytes of information at a time. Don’t have yourself a coronary now. We know it’s exciting, but as it is still in reasearch and development, we still have some time to wait to see these in common operation.

Even more impressive? The entirety of the chips cores fit in a space smaller then a fingernail. While also using less electricity then most home appliances. Ahh, the wonders of technology.


Andrew Dobrow

Teraflops Research Chip [Intel, via Digital Trends]

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