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Delightful & Engaging Classic Card Games for a Rainy Day

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Ah yes, there’s nothing quite like a cozy rainy day spent indoors with family and friends playing classic card games. Whether you’re looking for good old-fashioned fun or craving the thrill of competition, there’s something to keep everyone amused when you don’t feel like stepping outside. From Gin Rummy to Spades and Crazy Eights – we’ve got all the classics ...

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Winning Tips For Card Games

Card games have been a favored pastime for millions of people over the decades and centuries. You can play them to pass the time, you can play for money, or in some cases, you can play a game or two by yourself.  However, while card games have a huge luck aspect, there are strategies and tips you can use to ...

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Traditional Card Games v/s Mobile Gaming Industry

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Social card games like rummy have always been there and still continue to rule the hearts of the people. In India, rummy has been synonymous with entertainment especially with groups. People hold pleasant memories about occasions where they had a joyous time playing rummy with their family and friends. After the traditional card games made their online debut a couple ...

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How Do You Say UNO in Klingon?

UNO’s a great way to spend an hour or so with a group of friends. For the friendless, there’s always the UNO iPhone app. Unfortunately, the iPhone app forces you to use the standard UNO deck, while there are clearly better options out there. The Star Trek UNO deck includes your favorite characters, all integrated right into the game. Now ...

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