Winning Tips For Card Games

Card games have been a favored pastime for millions of people over the decades and centuries. You can play them to pass the time, you can play for money, or in some cases, you can play a game or two by yourself. 

However, while card games have a huge luck aspect, there are strategies and tips you can use to improve your chance of winning or at least make it harder for your opponents to win. 


Blackjack is a favorite at parties and in casinos alike. It is simple to understand and play, and whether you are at home with friends or playing against a dealer, the odds are almost always very fair, giving you a good chance to win. 

The Game

The game is straightforward; your goal is to make all the cards you are given add up to 21 or get the closest to 21. You are dealt two, to begin with, and can stick with your two or be dealt more until you want to stick, or you go bust. 

Best Tip

One of the best Blackjack tips is knowing when to split. Unless you are holding a pair of fours, fives, or tens, you should split your hand. If you keep 4 or 5 pairs, a face card or 10 you will get very close to 21, leaving you on either 18 or 20, with an Ace giving you 19 or 21. 

Every other pair will give you a total that is either too high or too low, meaning a hit will either make you go over 21, with a double hit increasing your chances of going bust even more. This is when you split your hand, giving yourself a better chance at success. 


Poker is one of the most popular card games in the world and is played in casinos, online, on nights with friends, or just casually with family. It is as much a battle of wits as it is a battle to have the best hand. 

The Game  

Poker is a complicated game with many variations, play styles, and ways to win. In simple terms, you want your hand of five cards to form a winning combination, whether that is one pair, two pairs, a full house, a flush, etc. 

If you are unfamiliar with all the possible hands and their percentage, numerous lists explain all the hands and the best betting and winning strategies, depending on what you have. 

Best Tip

Poker is all about knowing odds and probabilities. The best tip is to pay more attention to what cards are on the table and compare them to how someone is playing. You’ll quickly start to recognize patterns and know when someone has something instead of bluffing. 


UNO has been a popular party and family game for decades now. The rules are very simple, games can be quick, and the ability to mess with your opponents by switching turns or making them pick up four adds a level of excitement you don’t get in many other card games. 

The Game 

UNO requires you to empty your hand of cards before anyone else. You can do this by putting down cards of the same color or number and making your opponents pick up more cards or miss turns by playing “trap” cards. 

Best Tip

The biggest mistake players make is putting down the same color over and over again. Doing this limits the number of cards you can play. The best strategy is to change colors often, as it gives you the best chance of always having a card to play and breaks any streak your opponents may be on. 


If you played default computer games back in the day or tried to kill time when you had nothing but a deck of cards, you know all about solitaire. It is one of the very few single-player card games, and it can be addictive when you try to win as quickly as possible. 

The Game

The goal is to finish the deck by putting all the cards in order of their suits. You have columns of cards to use as well, but you can only use the lowest, upturned card to help you build your piles. You also have to start with an ace, and you can’t build backward as in ace, king, queen, etc. 

Best Tip

The best strategy is to wait as long as possible before making your ace piles. Once those cards are in a pile, you can’t use them again, and you limit your chances of opening up more columns and accessing more cards. 

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