Traditional Card Games v/s Mobile Gaming Industry

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Social card games like rummy have always been there and still continue to rule the hearts of the people. In India, rummy has been synonymous with entertainment especially with groups. People hold pleasant memories about occasions where they had a joyous time playing rummy with their family and friends.

After the traditional card games made their online debut a couple of years ago, the gaming scenario has completely changed. Till recently, Indian gamers had very little access to online games. Now, they are a growing market for many international gaming companies. Thanks to the increased adoption of smartphones in the country and increased usage of internet, the situation is a promising picture of a huge growth for Indian rummy in the future.

Let’s examine some of the factors of traditional card games as against the mobile gaming industry.

Popularity and convenience

The classic Indian rummy, although a very popular card game was always dependent on factors like people, place and time. However, with the growth in the mobile gaming industry, you can play rummy online within the comforts of the place of your choice, at a time convenient to you and with friends in any part of the world.

Absolutely awesome!

Now, the same traditional card game appears to have a fresh life and a more prominent avatar! Hence, the popularity of rummy has increased over the last few years making it available for players to play anytime and anywhere. The online format is certainly a new wave sweeping the gaming enthusiasts off their feet.

Game and the challenge

The easy-to-learn rules of classic Indian rummy and challenge factor that the game put forward had many players love the game. However, the mobile gaming industry has gone one step ahead and tried to bring in a whole new experience to the players with the online format of the game.

With customizable themes and colours, rich HD graphics, 3D view of the tables and features like chat and online payment options, players get to enjoy a great gaming experience during their play. Although the rules of the online format are same as traditional rummy, the time limiting factor in online rummy has upped the challenge quotient of the game.

Indeed it’s a great advancement and a positive growth for the Indian rummy.

Safety and security

The traditional card games which were although played for cash was not governed by any rules and the only rules followed were the ones established by group consensus before the start of the game. However, with the advancement in the mobile gaming industry suitably backed by the legal status provided by the Supreme Court, rummy as a game has undergone tremendous change in terms of structure and standards.

Today, rummy portals are expected to be registered and authorized to conduct online rummy games. Also, they need to possess relevant certification such as the RNG (Random Number Generator) if they have to provide online games.

Thus the mobile gaming industry has been responsible to bring in structure and industry standards to the otherwise humble traditional rummy.

Final thoughts

The coming days will usher in greater growth to the mobile gaming industry in general and Indian rummy in particular.

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