Delightful & Engaging Classic Card Games for a Rainy Day

Ah yes, there’s nothing quite like a cozy rainy day spent indoors with family and friends playing classic card games. Whether you’re looking for good old-fashioned fun or craving the thrill of competition, there’s something to keep everyone amused when you don’t feel like stepping outside.

From Gin Rummy to Spades and Crazy Eights – we’ve got all the classics covered in this blog post! So gather your gang around the kitchen table (or, if you prefer, whip out your favorite online version), curl up beneath a warm blanket, and make yourself comfortable in an easy chair – it’s time for some delightful card gaming action!

Card Games to Keep the Rainy Day Blues Away

Card Games

Rainy days can be a bummer for people who want to get some action. Fortunately, card games can effortlessly provide endless hours of entertainment. The best part is you can still play even if you live alone through browsers and smartphone apps!

Crazy Eights

If you want a challenging but enjoyable game that even kids can play, Crazy Eights is an exceptional choice. Four to eight players can join in on the fun, and it only uses a standard deck of cards (add another one for more players). Also known as Eights or Swedish Rummy, the goal is for players to get rid of their cards.

Due to its simple gameplay and competitive elements, Crazy Eights has become a favorite among kids and adults. Some would even incorporate gambling elements into it! The best part is free smartphone apps are available for download on mobile devices, such as Crazy Eights Card Game.

Some basics to remember:

  • The objective is to be the first one to discard all cards or have the least points
  • Discard cards by matching the rank or suit of the face-up card in the discard pile
  • Add more complexity by increasing the starter cards or assigning different actions for “wild cards.”

Players receive eight cards each in the game, and the remaining cards are placed in the center as the draw pile. The card on top will be the discard pile, which is also the card that players will play first. If there are no playable cards in your hand, draw a card from the draw pile.


A type of trick-taking game that’s known as one of the greatest card games of all time is Hearts. Four players usually play this game, and it’s all about evading tricks instead of taking them. Cards from the Hearts suit are equal to one penalty point, so the goal is to avoid them as much as possible.

Like most classic card games, a Hearts game utilizes a 52-card standard deck. The objective is to have the lowest score after the game ends, which happens when a player reaches the agreed-upon score. If you’re unsure of your skills, try playing a browser-based version first for a fast and easy way to learn the game.

Hearts offers numerous variations for those who want a different game experience. Some variations that might interest you are:

  • Black Lady
  • Black Maria
  • Auction Hearts
  • Black Jack

If you want to play an exceptional Hearts game, don’t hesitate to try the variants above for an enhanced trick-avoidance experience.

Gin Rummy

A simple variation of Rummy, this two-player card game is perfect for couples staying in. In this game, you must be fast because you must meld or form sets before your opponent. Unlike Rummy, Gin Rummy requires players to hide their cards until the end of the game.

Some Gin Rummy basics:

  • Only two players can play the game, with one acting as the dealer.
  • Use a standard deck with 52 cards.
  • Each player receives ten cards.
  • Sort cards into melds (three or four cards of the same rank or three or more cards of a consecutive rank of the same suit)

As you play the game, you’ll earn points for each meld and you win after getting rid of all cards in your hand. Like most card games, Gin Rummy apps are available for both browser-based and mobile versions. But if you want the full experience, try playing with a physical deck of cards!


A trick-taking game that’s usually played between four players divided into two teams is Spades. Since you’re playing with a partner, you must strategize on how to collect as many tricks as possible to reach your bids. It employs a standard playing deck, with Ace as the highest and 2 as the lowest. Your team must be the first to earn 500 points to win, but you can change the points depending on your preferences.

Before the play, the bidding phase will establish the tricks that each team must win during the round. The player on the dealer’s left side starts the bidding, and it goes around clockwise until everyone has made their bids. If one team has yet to reach its bid, all their remaining points are subtracted from their score.

Get a chance to enjoy this traditional card game that was popularized in the 1930s by checking out browser-based platforms. Or, try downloading the Spades – Card Game to hone your skills before challenging your friends and family!


Slapjack is a fun game that the entire family can play, as four to ten players can join. It’s a simple game that only uses one standard deck of cards, and the goal is to collect all the cards by slapping each Jack played at the center.

The game begins with each player receiving their respective cards. Take note that the hands don’t have to be even. These also have to be facing downwards, which means the players must neatly square up their pile in front of them without looking.

A player on the dealer’s left will lift a card from their pile and place it face-up in the center. If it’s a Jack, players will have to slap the card first. The first slapper can get the Jack card and all cards underneath it.

If you can’t wait for another rainy day, you might want to try Slapjack! With Friends and play with strangers or alone!

Make Rainy Days More Bearable with Classic Card Games

Being stuck indoors instead of going on outdoor adventures will surely give you the blues. However, playing card games to kill time can make it more bearable! If you want to bond with your friends, family, or loved ones – these games will provide hours of entertainment and thrill!

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