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Mario-themed Truffles

You can’t resist Mario’s balls. Feel the sweetness roll across your tongue. Oh yeah, that makes me so hot. Wait… what? These awesome Mario truffle balls each feature a different element of the game. And each is om nom-tastic. Link [via]

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DIY Edible LEGO Bricks

Instructables never ceases to amaze me. This time around, we have some absolutely delicious LEGO gummies. User SFHandyman discuses how to use a silicone mold to form the candy and goes through the process of using Jello to create the actual candy. The only thing that could make these treats better would be if you could actually build with them. ...

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Darth Vader Demands That You Give Me Candy

I wouldn’t want to have to whip out my lightsaber, so I recommend you give me all of your candy before I have to break out the power of the force. Nice line, isn’t it? You might want to keep that line in mind if you plan on using this Darth Vader Trick Or Treat Pail for your candy gathering ...

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