Darth Vader Demands That You Give Me Candy

I wouldn’t want to have to whip out my lightsaber, so I recommend you give me all of your candy before I have to break out the power of the force. Nice line, isn’t it? You might want to keep that line in mind if you plan on using this Darth Vader Trick Or Treat Pail for your candy gathering journey on the 31st.

The 6-inch tall pail might not be able to hold as much as the old pillow case you usually haul around, but what it lacks in storage size it makes up for in pure brute scare tactics. You can get your very own for $4 from Amazon. And it doesn’t include any pussy reflectors either. Pff, what are we? Children? -smash, vroom- Ouch. FYI, I’ll be pissed if half of my bag is filled with those crappy jello candies my Asian neighbors give out every year. — Andrew Dobrow

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