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Darth Vader Demands That You Give Me Candy

I wouldn’t want to have to whip out my lightsaber, so I recommend you give me all of your candy before I have to break out the power of the force. Nice line, isn’t it? You might want to keep that line in mind if you plan on using this Darth Vader Trick Or Treat Pail for your candy gathering ...

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Darth Vader Limited Edition Lightsaber Umbrella

 What will they think of next? Maybe a Lightsaber-themed sex toy? Eh, its most likely already been done. Not only can a Lightsaber protect you from the Alliance and change your TV station, but it can also apparently protect your hair from liquid droplets of destruction, or as you might like to call it…rain. This Japanese-made limited-edition Darth Vader Lightsaber ...

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Darth Duck Fadar has blinking lights for no reason

Here is a product of an item that showcases the overuse of geekiness. The Darth Duck Fadar is a totally useless flashing rubber ducky which glorifies such habits as placing blinking electronics in water. Not a good idea under any other circumstance. Evil ducky’s seems to be the new black. The Darth Duck starts blinking LED illumination lights when the ...

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