Darth Vader Limited Edition Lightsaber Umbrella

 What will they think of next? Maybe a Lightsaber-themed sex toy? Eh, its most likely already been done. Not only can a Lightsaber protect you from the Alliance and change your TV station, but it can also apparently protect your hair from liquid droplets of destruction, or as you might like to call it…rain. This Japanese-made limited-edition Darth Vader Lightsaber umbrella comes with impressive telescopic action power and a red nylon sleeve.

For its price of $90, you would expect some flashing lights or Star Wars sound effects to make the replica complete, but depressingly, special effects are not included. Though, it is the onlly umbrella on the market that will protect you from rain AND imperial stormtroopers. There’s only 4 left in stock over at Amazon, so if I were you, which i very well might be, I’d go pick one up. — Andrew Dobrow

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