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Brain TonIQ

Ahhh, the energy drink market. Let’s see, the Brain TonIQ website claims: Brain Toniq is no marketing gimmick. With 5 to 36 times the amount of active ingredients of any functional beverage on the market, Brain Toniq is the real deal. It provides simple access to the world’s most powerful brain-enhancing botanicals. The drink has no caffeine, it’s a nootropic ...

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Rat Brain Robot Is As Evasive As The Real Thing

In The Matrix, robots are self-aware of their existence. This is a bad thing as it eventually leads to the enslavement of mankind. The idea of a human brain inside a robot is intriguing for anyone whose ever wanted to put their brain in a robot body to become an Adrian Barbobot. Scientists are getting closer to that vision, having ...

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Chess and Boxing Now Have Something In Common

Who would’ve thought that boxers would like to exercise their brain in ways other than getting punched in the face. Berlin is home to the world’s biggest chess boxing club. That’s right, you read correctly: chess boxing club. A chess boxing match consists of six rounds of chess and five rounds of boxing but a knockout or checkmate could end ...

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Monkey Controls Robotic Arm With Brain Sensor

Scientists have rigged up two monkeys with tiny sensors in their brains. Through a new process, they’ve learned to control a mechanical arm with only their thoughts. Singularity of mammal and machine is nothing new, though this specific study could pave the way for more human-based experiments. “This study really pulls together all the pieces from earlier work and provides ...

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Sudokube Scares The Hell Out Of Your Brain

Mixing together the design of Rubik’s Cube and the brain-teasing mathematics of Sudoku, the Sudokube is a puzzle that your brain might be too scared to even attempt. The product page claims this toy is for Ages 5 and up. What sort of 5-year-old is capable of solving this and where does he live? So I can kick his scrawny ...

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