Brain TonIQ

Ahhh, the energy drink market. Let’s see, the Brain TonIQ website claims:

Brain Toniq is no marketing gimmick. With 5 to 36 times the amount of active ingredients of any functional beverage on the market, Brain Toniq is the real deal. It provides simple access to the world’s most powerful brain-enhancing botanicals.

The drink has no caffeine, it’s a nootropic (aka brain food) and it’s apparently “good for you.” I have an incredibly hard time believing that but a panel of judges at the Paperboard Packaging Council found that Brain TonIQ is the real deal. The company’s packaging won a Best in Show award for the unique 4-pack design that emulated cans sticking out at each end. I’d really love to try a can of this stuff and see if helps me pay attention any better. Chances are I’ll just chug three cans and have to pee an hour later.

Like Red Bull, Brain TonIQ doesn’t come cheap. 12 cans will run you $36, including shipping.

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