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Get a degree in Biometric Security

Davenport University of Technology is paving the way for tech courses with their new degree program for Biometric Security. Students confident that biometrics are the security choice of the future might want to look into a degree majoring in the security method, which could eventually lead to a lucrative career. The industry has already shown huge growth prospective, increasing from ...

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Fujitsu PalmSecure Biometrics: Sir, please let me see your palm veins

If you’ve been weirded out by finger print scanning biometrics, then prepare to be even more unsure. Fujitsu announced its implementation of its PalmSecure Biometric Authentication System which reads the veins in your palm instead of finger prints. The PalmSecure went to work at the Hospital for Charged Particle Therapy at the National Institute of Radiological Studies (NIRS) near Tokyo, ...

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GPS panties keep a close and creepy eye on your girls location and vitals

Many guys have issues with their jealousy. And with the amount of sluts roaming the streets we don’t blame them much. But does it really require something like the Forget-me-not Panties to keep a watchful eye on them? These panties, specially made with a GPS locater built in, will track your lady everywhere she goes when shes wearing them, despite ...

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