GPS panties keep a close and creepy eye on your girls location and vitals

forget-me-not panties

Many guys have issues with their jealousy. And with the amount of sluts roaming the streets we don’t blame them much. But does it really require something like the Forget-me-not Panties to keep a watchful eye on them?

These panties, specially made with a GPS locater built in, will track your lady everywhere she goes when shes wearing them, despite the fact that she is not aware she’s being followed. But listen to this. Not only is her location tracked, but her temperature and heart rate are tracked too! That is where the line of inquisitiveness stops, and the line of insane creepiness starts.

The Sensatech system works with three added objects other then the normal fabric. An embedded GPS, a normal watch battery, and a biometrics vitals reader strategically located near her holiest of holes. The data is transferred to your PC and mobile devices for easy access. This kind of paranoia only should exists in the movies.

forget-me-not panties

Andrew Dobrow

Forget-Me-Not Panties [via Fashionfunky]

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